Funding for Yakima downtown plaza once again a problem

Funding for Yakima downtown plaza...

YAKIMA, Wash. - It might be the heart of Yakima, but funding is once again a problem for the downtown Yakima plaza.

A December deadline was set by city council to raise $9-million needed for construction to start, but since November, the fundraising committee has only raised $200,000.

That’s in addition to 5.2-million dollars pledged earlier.

Some of you are optimistic, others said it's time to move on.

"The city could better use those funds to go to a different area that would be better suited for the community that wouldn't hinder parking, that wouldn’t hinder the small businesses and that would just be beneficial all around for the city,” said Yakima resident Bre Heneghen.

If the plaza committee does not raise the money in time, donations will be returned.


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