Graffiti Problem Continues in Yakima

Four months following the county-wide effort to stamp out graffiti, crews are still seeing no end in sight -- at least in Yakima.

Safe Yakima Valley launched a two-week "Graffiti Be Gone" campaign back in April, with the hopes of cutting down tagging in the area.

However, that campaign appears to have had little to no effect.

"We saw maybe two or three blocks with nothing but graffiti," said volunteer Austin Perley, "We had to come back to the shop a few times just to get more paint."

Crews come out and paint over the graffiti every day, so far this year, they have already used 500 gallons of paint to cover over 15,000 tags.

Ramon Orozco leads the paint crew, he says the campaign has delivered some positive results, popular places to tag are being hit less, however, the activity is spreading over to newer places.

Particularly, electrical poles along popular roads.

"We're in a different stage, that means new tagging, and that's where we're working," said Orozco, "But in the past, I can say it was really successful, it was great."

Safe Yakima Valley members say they will be meeting again this Friday to discuss other alternatives to help put a stop to the graffiti problem.

Their main focus is education.

As we move towards the end of the summer season, volunteer crews will have to continue fighting the good fight, until another solution is found.

"I don't want to step out on my front porch and see graffiti written on my mailbox," said Perley, "I want to come out there and I want to see a nice city, this is home, not some place to draw on."

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