Green2Go celebrates its first "recreational" 4-20

FINLEY, Wash. - The cannabis industry is celebrating April 20 known to many at 4-20, a holiday to the industry and the busiest day of the year and "Green2Go" in Finley is no exception.

People from all over the region lined up an hour before Green2Go even opened on Thursday.

The store's owner said Thursday was the first legal "recreational" 4-20 in the Tri-Cities for the store, allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in addition to medical.

"last year (on) 4-20, we probably had 50 customers on the medical side, and this year we will probably have 1,800," said Steve Lee, co-owner of Green2Go. "We've been able to take what used to be a shady backroom transaction and turn it into something that happens in a well lit environment that's friendly to your mom and your grandma," he said.

Lee added that the industry over all has made great strides creating a legal and safer environment for customers.

Earlier in the on Thursday, the store making at least $100 a minute in local sales tax.

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