Handling College Expenses

Once graduation is over many students start gearing up for college and along with that usually comes student loans.

In an uncertain job market that debt can be overwhelming.

Erik Pielstick said the first thing you should do is touch base with the college you are going to and make sure you know exactly what to expect so that there are no fall surprises.

Once you are on campus there are some things you can do to keep the financial impact stable.

Pielstick said you can apply for a  work study as part of the fasfa program.

He said as part of a work study you make money working on campus at the library or rec center but that money doesn't work against you when apply for a student loan the following year.

"Those dollars do not have a negative impact on next years financial aid where as if they are working out in the community at McDonald's or Burger King or someplace those may very well have a negative impact on next years financial aid formula," said Pielstick.

Pielstick said it's also a good idea to check online for any books you might need before buying them at the book store, and try and keep them in good shape becasue that will increase the re-sell value.

Pielstick said there are still some scholarships available.

At this point it might be slim pickings but it never hurts to look.

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