Hanford High School Knowledge Bowl Wins State Title

The Hanford High School Knowledge Bowl team earned first place at the Washington State 3A Knowledge Bowl held March 23 in Arlington. Team members are: Jonah Bartrand (captain), Sriram Katipamula, Sathvik Ramanan, Konrad Krogstad, Xie Xi, Chenchen Li, and Ventakesh Varada. The coaches are Jim Wilson and Cathy Stordeur.

“I have never seen a more impressive or dedicated group of Knowledge Bowl stalwarts,” said Wilson. “Senior leadership was the key this year. Jonah, Konrad, Chenchen, and Sathvik set a goal and won every single practice tournament from October through February. They actually lost in one preliminary round to Peninsula High at State and came back to beat them in the final round.”

The Knowledge Bowl oral competition is similar to Jeopardy with teams “buzzing in” when they know an answer. Topics covered include math, science, history, language skills, literature, geography and current events.

The HHS team members would like to thank the Hanford High ASB, Hanford High PTSA, Richland American Chemical Society, and the Belgard Family for helping fund their trip to the state competition. Without the help of these groups and individuals, the trip would not have been possible.

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