Hanford Vapors Meeting in Richland

In a recent visit we made to the Hanford, contractors denied workers being exposed to chemical vapors this year.

We were told 38 tank farm workers reported getting sick on the job, many thought they were exposed to vapors but the contractors tell us air samples didn't show dangerous levels of chemicals.

A watchdog group called "Hanford Challenge" is holding a public meeting right now discussing this issue.

Former Hanford worker Mike Geffre, who claims he was exposed himself back in 2009, said most of the workers just want more protection on the tanks themselves.

"What we want to see is engineering controls," said Geffre. "That means scrubs put on exhaust systems to provide more air flow to dissipate the vapors."

He went on to say he hopes for the future of Hanford that the D.O.E. and contractors will put more money toward employee safety.

The meeting is at the Richland Community Center, it will go until 7:30 p.m. tonight.

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