Hastings: We have a country that believes in freedom

Congressman Doc Hastings speaks at the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Pasco this afternoon.

He has just a couple of months until he is retiring from his 4th Congressional District Seat at the end of the year.

We had a chance to catch up with Hastings and ask him what his favorite part of the job has been.

"You get to meet a lot of really nice people across the country and people here that I have the privilege to represent," said Hastings. "We obviously had some challenges as a country but we have a country that believes in freedom and individual initiative and I think that's what makes America unique."

We did ask Hastings what he thought about the candidiates running for his seat and whether ot not he would be endorsing any of the two and his response, "This is not the place to discuss that."

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