Heavy Snowfall Hits Yakima

Paul Davenport shovels piles of snow from his sidewalk.

He, and everyone else in the Yakima area, were pummeled by snow over the weekend.

"We were thinking we were going to have an easy year, but it was just the weather pattern and it dropped 9 inches of snow, at least that's what we had here," said Davenport.

Davenport's home may have seen 9 inches of snow, but according to the National Weather Service, up to 14 inches were dumped in other parts of town -- making monday's morning commute a slippery trip for drivers.

"For an inexperienced driver, and someone who doesn't have proper equipment, this is something they should not be out driving in, said Davenport."

City of Yakima crews have been out clearing out high traffic roads and streets located near schools or hospitals.

The city says crews will plow the streets once the levels reach three inches, and since that level was passed over the weekend, crews have been out at all times of the day trying to keep the streets clear.

Davenport says drivers can be as prepared as they want for the snow, in the end, it comes down to their ability to navigate through it.

"Maybe they should wait, drive in the afternoon after the roads have cleared up a little bit," said Davenport, "Or plan an alternative; have somebody else more experienced drive them."

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