Helping Hands

While the Snag Canyon Fire continues to burn through the week, locals in Ellensburg and the surrounding area are doing what they can to help with relief efforts.

Laura Lange delivers several cases of water to the local Red Cross, she was at the location yesterday, when she donated cash.

"I have connections with these people here, and I just figure I might as well be here helping out with what I can," said Lange.

As of this afternoon, the fire has grown to 8,400 acres, destroying 8 homes and 11 structures.

Containment remains at 10% while over 550 personnel work to strengthen that number.

Locals like Lange are helping in many ways, either by donating goods, or taking in livestock and animals affected by the fire.

Red Cross members say it's almost systematic the way the community responds during these types of events.

"I always find it amazing how much everybody comes together," said Red Cross member Colleen Riley, "I see people automatically getting their horse trailers and things to go out there and help move animals."

The Red Cross says doors are open to whatever the community can give; whether it's toiletries, blankets, or monetary donations.

People like Laura Lange say anything, big or small, can make a difference during these times of need.

"It's just in my heart to give and do what I can."

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