Helping Oso Mudslide Victims

Mariah Sanchez sorts through donated items.

She's a senior at Grandview High School who was planning to donate the goods to a domestic violence shelter.

But Sanchez says once she saw the devestation in Snohomish County, she quickly changed her mind.

"It was terrifying," said Sanchez, "Because we live pretty close and you would never think that would happen. I have family closer over there, it could have been one of them."

Sanchez shifted her senior project towards those in oso.

She's gone around the Lower Valley posting flyers and asking those to donate any goods to the people affected by the mudslide.

So far she's collected a handful of toiletries, several cases of water, and bags upon bags of donated clothing.

"I'm really that everyone is being a part of this and helping me out," said Sanchez, "Without them, I wouldn't have any of the stuff that I do."

Sanchez says she plans on taking everything she collects this week all the way up Snohomish County, where she will deliver the items personally and donate her own time to the rescue and cleanup effort.

"This could have happened to anyone, they're all people," said Sanchez, "I just feel like I needed to do something rather than just sit back."

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