Hermiston Bans Medical Marijuana Within City Limits

The Hermiston city council voted unanimously to ban medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits.

The city council made this decision for the same reason a lot of other cities have placed bans or moratoriums on recreational marijuana, it is not federally legal.

City Attorney Gary Luisi said Hermiston voted on this ordinance last night because the Oregon State House and Senate are talking about competing bills about individual city's control over medical marijuana.

Jim Ruhe the owner of Releaf a medical marijuana dispensary just outside of Hermiston city limits said he's hopes the city's decision will eventually be changed but hes not upset by the vote.  

Ruhe said he's an advocate for the industry and has seen the medical benefits, but he also understands that the city council is trying to balance laws that are not completely clear yet.

Mike Parker the owner of Columbia Basin Compassion Center, another medical marijuana dispensary in the Hermiston area, isn't as understanding about the city council's decision.

Parker said he feels like the council failed to involve the community in their decision.

"We voted in our legislators and Senators and they passed 3460 it went to committee and it was made law and the Hermiston city council ignored that," said Parker. 

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