Hitting the Slopes

Cardboard and plastic bags, anything these Franklin Middle Schoolers can get their hands on is being used for one purpose -- to sled.

The area may have been hit hard with a couple inches of snow, hampering the morning drive for many, but this afternoon, it provided some entertainment that could carry into the weekend.

As most Yakima locals know, one of the prime spots to sled is the hills at Franklin Park.

It's usually a race to hit the powder before it's worn away by the crowds.

These kids say they're glad snow is finally here to stay -- hopefully.

"Since there was no snow on christmas until now, we can take advantage of this and just have fun," said Avimelec Alcantara.

The hills at Franklin Park are some of the steepest in town, so you can imagine a lot of people there this weekend if more snowfall hits.

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