Honorary Police Officer For A Day

The Kennewick Police Department swears in a new officer today.

Karter Childers, 21 years old, was made an honorary officer for a day.

Karter, a special needs student from Prosser, has always dreamed about being an officer.

Prosser high school junior Zebbie Castilleja learned about Karter's dream and called Kennewick Police Chief Ken Hohenberg to see if the department could grant the wish.

Zebbie said he met Karter his freshman year and they became instant friends.

"Karter always made my day in the hallways by talking to me he's very talkative," Zebbie said. "I helped out this past school year with the special needs prom and that when I learned he wanted to become a police officer, so today is his day to become a police officer because I really wanted to do that for Karter and I knew Chief Hohenberg would help me out with that."

Zebbie also dreams of become a police officer.

He said Karter always tells him that they will be partners one day and catch the bad guys together.

Today zebbie also rode along with a Kennewick officer so he and Karter could be partners for the day.

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