Honoring the Fallen

Bells ring and silence fills the air as law enforcement takes a moment to remember those who were killed serving the public.

It's part of National Peace Officer Memorial Day.

Officers from Yakima hold the event locally every year, a list of over 100 officers killed nationwide last year was read before supporting crowd -- followed by words of gratitude from the public.

"The things that we ask you to do on our behalf, to keep us safe, that we can't do ourselves, we'll never understand," said Mayor Micah Cawley before the crowd, "But we will come together as a community to thank you for your service."

"Every day you get dressed, put your uniform on, and you don't know what's going to happen before you take it off at night or whenever your shift is," said Sharon Upton, the parent of a YPD officer, "But you are willing to give that."

There will be a ceremony in the Tri-Cities Saturday at the Bandshell in Columbia Park beginning at about 11 a.m.

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