Hot Weather A Good Thing for Wine Grape Growers

Patrick Rawn runs Two Mountain Winery and the vineyard surrounding it -- he says the blast in heat over the past few days may be unbearable for us, but it's actually beneficial for his crop.

Rawn says the heat helps mature grapes faster in the summer time, but is aware there is such thing as too much heat.

"we can mitigate that with irrigation practices, but the heat at this point also helps slow down canopies and really control the plant's growth and vigor," said Rawn.

Last year, washington state growers picked a record 210,000 tons of grapes, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

This year, an exact amount has not yet been determined, but the service does expect crops to be around that same neighborhood.

Of course, that spells good business for growers like rawn.

"We have a really good amount of set, but not really an overset, so we should not have to thin the crop too much," said Rawn, "Everything looks really good, it's just a really balanced crop."

Workers at Two Mountain Winery could be picking their crop as early as mid-September if the weather holds up.

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