Houston Lillard Returns to the TC Fever

Some major changes coming to the Tri-Cities Fever.

Former quarterback Houston Lillard will return to the team.

Lillard played QB for the Fever from 2010-2012 where he established himself as an accomplished playmaker.     

The team's current QB, Dante Warren, will become the backup, as current backup QB Andre Broadus is placed on injured reserve due to a knee injury.

It's a decision coach Adam Shackleford said was necessary in order to become a more competative team.

"At the quarterback position, we haven't had the production that we quite honestly need," said Shackleford. "We've turned the ball over a lot. We've made a lot of mistakes on the field and unfortunately, it all comes back to how our QB plays and when we're not getting it done in that position, it affects other things and quite honestly we weren't."

Lillard has been living in Portland.

He will arrive this weekend to begin training with the team Monday morning and will start at the next home game on April 5th at the Toyota Center.

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