How Recreational Marijuana Could Effect Medical Marijuana

This week there has been a lot of discussion in Olympia this week about recreational marijuana as well as the effect that it will have on the already established medical marijuana protocols.

The rules that would seemingly have the biggest impact are the elimination of home growing for patients, the elimination of collective gardens and the reduction of the amount patients can possess at any one time from 24 ounces to three ounces per patient.   

Tracy Sirrine the owner of Patients for Patients Medical, a business that allows individuals to get their medical marijuana licenses, has been following these new proposals closely.  

She says that since there are no dispensaries in the Tri cities the majority of medical marijuana patients here grow the plants themselves.

Some of the logic behind the proposed changes to the medical rules is that once marijuana becomes legal recreationally it will be available for everyone, so two sets of rules would be redundant

Sirrine said that logic doesnt make sense, it's like comparing apples and oranges.

Sirrine also says that reducing the amount of ounces a patient can have would hurt people experiencing severe physical pain the most.

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