Hunt Murder Trial Day #2

It is day two of the trial of a 19-year-old murder suspect in Benton County today.

The state showed the jury an interrogation interview with Josh Hunt right after Joshua Snapp was killed early the morning of July 4th.

In Hunt's interview, he admits he shot snapp and says the other suspect, John Young, also shot Snapp.    

Investigators believe Hunt and Young took turns shooting Snapp off Highway 240 near Horn Rapids.

In the interview, hunt admits leaving a party they were all at together.

Hunt, Young, Snapp and another friend all in the car.

They dropped the other friend off at home and made their way into the desert.

The interview shows the detectives running down the timeline of events that took place moments before Snapp's death, with little input, response or disagreement from Hunt.

The detectives said Hunt and young left the scene, parked for a while to gather their thoughts and then dumped a backback with the revolver, Hunt's shoes and rocks in it, into the Yakima River in Benton City.

Hunt also agreed that he felt sick right after the shooting.

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