Injured Hiker Rescued by Wilderness Rangers on Mt. Adams

From the Yakima County Sheriff's Office-

On Sunday, 8-24-14 at about 1300 hours, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office was advised of an injured hiker on the South Climb

Trail on Mt. Adams.  The hiker, a 39-year-old male, had fallen in boulders and reported that he had possible broken his leg and

ribs.  Over the next 15-plus hours, YCSO Search and Rescue volunteers and full-time staff worked with several agencies to

locate and transport the injured subject from the almost 8,000-foot elevation where he was injured.  Yakima County District 5 Fire

requested a Life Flight helicopter mission, which was quickly launched and reached Mt. Adams.  Unfortunately, the storm system

moving through the area grounded the Life Flight mission on the mountain and prevented it from reaching the injured subject. 

Several Wilderness Rangers from the Mt. Adams Ranger Station were able to hike to the subject and transported him down the

mountain, where they were met by the YCSO Search and Rescue personnel with a wheeled litter.  The combined team then

transported the subject to the Cold Springs trailhead, where he was transferred to a waiting ambulance which had been

arranged by the Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office.  The  subject was going to be transported, either by ambulance alone or both

ambulance and Life Flight, to the White Salmon Hospital.


During the same period, two additional SAR missions were initiated.  One, 14C13458, was a group of overdue Jeep enthusiasts

reported to be somewhere in the North Fork area west of Tampico.  This mission was resolved when a member of the overdue

party called and reported  that they had successfully departed the area and were enroute their homes.  The other mission,

14C13459, involved a second, unrelated male hiker on Mt. Adams that had found himself in unfamiliar terrain after nightfall. 

That mission is still ongoing, and may be transferred to the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office if he is found to be in that county.

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