Jimmy Shane, Oberto Win 2014 Columbia Cup

Driver Jimmy Shane won his second Columbia Cup Sunday and his first as the driver of the Oh Boy! Oberto, outlasting the competition on a day that was full of accidents, near accidents, and collisions.

The action started in heat 2A when U17 Our Gang racing driver Jeff Bernard nearly flipped in turn one. He was OK, but the boat was done for the day. The U1 Graham Trucking driven by J. Michael Kelly also suffered damage in a morning heat and was done for the day. 

In heat 3B, the Oberto and the U37 Beacon Plumbing, driven by Dave Villwock, collided at the west end of the course after Villowck clipped a buoy and then collided with Shane, causing significant damage to both boats. The Beacon suffered severe damage to the right back side of the boat and the Oberto suffered damage to its front left sponson. The Oberto crew was able to fix the damage and get the boat ready for the final, but the Beacon joined the list of those unable to run any longer. 

In the final, trailer boat U-21 Lakeridge Paving flipped upside down during lap one. Thankfully driver Jamie Nilsen was not badly injured. After that the boats were called back to the dock and the final re-started. 

Once it was, Shane led wire to wire for his second win of the season and second title in the Tri-Cities.




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