John Young Sentenced to 31 Years in Prison

The 19 year old Richland boy is sentenced to 31 years in prison today after being convicted of first degree murder and a firearm enhancement charge in last July 4th's shooting and killing of Joshua Snapp near Horn Rapids. 

Both Young and Josh Hunt, who was setenced to nearly 24 years in prison after being convicted of second degree murder in this case, were believed to have been using drugs at a party in the hours leading up to Snapp's killing near Horn Rapids in Richland on the morning of July 4th. 

The two accused Snapp of being an informant, and Hunt claimed that Snapp had stolen marijuana from him and owed him money.

During his trial, a police interview conducted with Young was played for the jury. In it, he claimed that he fired a shot at Snapp after Hunt had already shot Snapp in order to put the victim out of his misery. Young's defense claimed that there was no proof that the shot fired by Young hit Snapp, but the jury did not agree with that argument.

Prior to the sentencing today, Chris Snapp, the victim's father, told the court that he was okay with a lesser sentence if Young stood up and told the truth.

Chris Snapp has started a youth outreach program called Cushions, which aims to provide a positive outlet for Tri-Cities teens so that they can avoid the kind of trouble that his son and his killers encountered.


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