Josh Hunt Gets Nearly 24 Years in Prison for Murder

A 19-year-old Richland man is sentenced to nearly 24 years in prison for the murder of Joshua Snapp.

Snapp's father, Chris Snapp, addressed his son's killer for the first time since the murder last summer.

Chris told Josh Hunt his actions were senseless and have nearly torn his family apart.

Chris mentioned he grew up with Hunt's father and said they had their differences as well but they never thought of shooting anyone.

"Your dad hasn't been at this trial because he thought you should stand up and be a man and be accountable for what you had done," said Chris.

Hunt was convicted of 2nd-degree murder last month for luring Snapp into the desert and shooting and killing him the morning of July 4th near Horn Rapids in Richland.

The state asked for the maximum sentence of 220 months in addition to 60 months for a firearm enhancement.

Judge Carrie Runge granted that, sentencing Hunt to 23.4 years in prison.

"That just doesn't seem fair does it?" said Chris. "My son's life was worth 23.4 years."

Snapp's family had mentioned he had a bit of a troubled past and read some words Snapp had written before his death saying that he wanted to change his life and make better choices to become a better man.

Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller said the family is devastated he was never given that chance.

"There's no doubt in my mind that Joshua turned his life around and that's what the evidence showed, that he wasn't with that group as much," said Miller. "I think he was conquering his addictions and he was going to live a happy, productive life. You can see the devastating impact it had on his family."

I asked Hunt's lawyer how it feels to be defending a murderer when the victim's family is crying in front of the court asking for justice.

"I have three kids, my oldest is turning 15 and it effects me as a lawyer, a parent, a person, it's difficult," said Defense Attorney Shane Silverthorn.

Snapp's grandfather, Jim Daniels, gave Hunt some final words to dwell on while behind bars.

"You took him from this earth and did not give him the chance to have a family like that," said Daniels. "I hope that all the time you spend in prison you think about that."

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