Judge Makes Restraining Order Decision In Hearing Between Ki-Be Wrestling Coach And School Board President

A unique court hearing for the Kiona Benton girls wrestling coach Holly Graham seeking a restraining  against school board president Tim Cook.            

The judge only made a decision on a two week temporary restraining order, declining to issue one.

Both sides presented accounts of what happened during a February 8th wrestling match.

Graham said Cook became aggressive towards her after hearing her talking to the athletic director about cook being on the wrestling floor when she had not given him a security pass.

Cook said he is passionate about his daughter's wrestling and went on the floor because he loves to watch her.

After hearing both sides the judge stated Cook clearly used his privileges as board president to get himself on the floor and is not a good role model for other parents who are fans.

Graham said she doesn't feel defeated by the decision as long as Cook changes his ways.

"The whole point of this whole thing is I want him to know it's not ok to come after coaches. I'm not the only coach I'm just the first one to stand up. There are plenty of other coaches that have had several instances with this family that it's not ok. I'm their to coach I want to do my job I'm not there to be yelled and screamed at," said Graham.

Both sides will be back in court in two weeks for another hearting which will determine if a permanent restraining order will be issued against Cook.

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