Juror in Murder Trial Dismissed for Using Cell Phone During Deliberations

A female juror on the trial of 19-year-old murder suspect breaks the rules by using her cell phone to look up the definition of "premeditated" during deliberations.

Josh Hunt is accused of shooting and killing 17-year-old Joshua Snapp near Horn Rapids in Richland last summer.

Another juror informed the court that his fellow juror had gone against instruction and used her cellphone.

Defense Attorney Shane Silverthorn told Judge Carrie Runge if the juror shared the information she looked up with other jurors, it is grounds for a mistrial.

When called into the courtroom, the juror said she did not share any information with anyone else.

Both the prosecution and the defense agreed to dismiss the juror and replace her with an alternate juror.

The replacement juror is on the way to the Benton County courthouse where the jury will be read instructions again and start deliberations all over again.

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