Jury on Murder Case Will Continue Deliberations on Monday

It is day six of the trial for a 19-year-murder suspect, accused of shooting and killing, 17 year old Joshua Snapp last summer.

The jury began deliberations at noon and will continue deliberating Monday morning.

Closing arguments began this morning, lasting a total of about three hours.

During the closing arguments, Prosecuting Attorney Andy Miller addressed the jury explainging the definition of premediatated murder.

He said even if someone thought about killing someone and only two moments went by before they did, it is still considered premediatated murder.

He said whether or not hunt was intoxicated, he was still able to make decisions of trying to hide evidence and lie to detectives.

Defense Attorney Shane Silverthorn tells the jury that being intoxicated is no excuse to kill someone, but Hunt was so heavily under the influence of methamphetamine that he didn't know what was going on and never planned at any moment to kill Snapp the morning of July 4th near Horn Rapids in Richland.

The trial of the other suspect, John Young, is scheduled to start next month.

We'll bring you the latest.

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