Just 1 Out of 4 American Teen Meets U.S. Fitness Guidelines

First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign is all about getting young Americans to exercise, but a recent Centers for Disease Control study shows that so far her efforts are not very successful.

The study states that only one out of four American teens ages 12-15 meets the US fitness standards.

The Kennewick School District tests teen's fitness based on cardio, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.

Dawn Little Thunder, the Kennewick High School physical education department head, said that overall it's the core strength test that teens struggle with most.

"We are seeing it consistently from year to year thats the one area that no matter how much we work on it we are still not gaining. Now part of that could be is the requirement that you are supposed to meet too high but all the other tests we find that they are too low," said Little Thunder.

She said this could be because teens get so focused on certain skills in sports that they neglect total body fitness.

Little Thunder said another common misconception is that teens think that because they are thin, they are fit.

Another contributing factor is that many middle schools are cutting PE classes.

"If we could get PE for every student everyday you would definitely see a difference and you might even see kids enjoying exercise and fitness a little bit more because we are seeing kids that don't like it and part of its because they're not consistently doing it ," siad Little Thunder.

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