Keeping Your Pets Safe During the 4th of July

This weekend marks one of the busiest times for humane society workers.

Right now, many of the kennels are free and unnocupied.

However, members say they will be filled by the end of the night.

"We had animals in those big kennels, in rooms, in the hallways, in people's offices because we didn't have enough space for everybody," said Yakima Humane Society employee Nicole Papageorgiou.

A lot of those animals are strays; during the Fourth of July, the humane society will see dozens, if not hundreds of animals come through the shelter overnight.

Many of the animals go unclaimed, which is why they are suggesting owners do what they can to ensure they find their way back home --- tags, microchips, writing information on their collars with permanent markers.

But to prevent your pet from becoming lost in the first place, the humane society suggests you keep your pets locked inside your homes tonight and through the weekend -- if you can, in a garage, where they can find the most peace and quiet, as their hearing is exponentially stronger than ours.

"Animals, dogs, in backyards when they are afraid can dig out or can jump the face or go through the fence," said Papageorgiou, "Cats that are outdoor cats a lot of the times just run away and keep on running to try to hide from the noise."

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