Kennewick Families Cleaning Up Sewage Water

Some Kennewick families are cleaning up after a backed up sewer system floods their homes on South Irving St.

Dianna Winters said she is focused on making sure her home is safe after the entire downstairs area of her home was flooded with sewer contaminated water.

All the carpets and tile had to be torn out. The furniture also had to be removed.

Even the air conditioning, heating and gas units had to be taken out because it was all deemed unsafe after being soaked in water that had gone through the sewer system.

"We went downstairs and it was covered in water, boiling up through the drain valve in our utility room, out our toilet and out the shower," said Winters.

There's a reservoir up the hill from Winters' home and a representative from the city of Kennewick said one valve was not working properly and the other valve that wold stop the excess water flow in the system was open when it should've been closed.

The houses closer to the bottom of the hill suffered the damage when the water made it's way down.

Four houses in all were damaged. There is no total on the amount of damages yet.

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