Kennewick Police Are Looking for Missing Person

From the Kennewick Police-

Kennewick Police are looking for 43 year old Manola Vonghalath of Kennewick.  She was reported missing on March 26th by family members who reported she was last seen Sunday morning March 23rd about 10:00AM.  Family members report that she left her residence where she lives with other family members to go to church and has not been seen since that time.

Vonghalath is a 43 year old Asian female, 5/00 tall and weighs about 100 lbs with Black hair and Brown eyes.  She does suffer from undiagnosed and untreated mental health issues that include delusions.  She has left home in the past but has been returned within 24 hours in the past.  There is no indication of foul play at this time.  However she is under the care of other family members.

If anyone sees her they are asked to contact their local law enforcement agency or calling 911.

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