Kennewick Police Arrest Suspect in Alleged Stolen Vehicle

From the Kennewick Police Department-

Date and Time: Sunday June 22, 2014
Defendant's Name: Marcos Montiel of Sunnyside

Summary of Incident:
On Sunday June 22, 2014 at about 8:45am, the victim's mother heard and saw her son's black 1997 Black Honda Civic start up and saw it leaving the apartment parking lot towards 10th Avenue.  A Kennewick Officer heard the initial dispatch of the stolen car that just occured and the description of the car.  The officer was near the intersection of 10th and Kellogg when the call was put out.  The officer first spotted the stolen car going westbound near W 10th passing Union St.  The officer attempted to stop the vehicle but it failed to yield.  The officer was now in pursuit of the stolen car westbound on 10th until the suspect drove into a dead end street on 12th Ave. just off of Columbia Center BLVD.  The suspect driving the stolen vehicle was identified as Marcos Montiel.  Montiel was taken into custody without incident, injury or damage to any vehicles or property.  Montiel, a documented game member, who lives in Sunnyside reportedly, was just released from jail two hours prior.  Montiel was booked into jail for Auto Theft, Eluding, and DWLS.

The investigation revealed the car had a defective ignition switch and did not require a specific key to start it.

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