Kennewick Police Warn of Two Potential Scams

Kennewick Police sent out warnings today of possible scams in the area.

The 1st possible scam involves ADT Security.  Over the weekend, two people possibly posing as employees of ADT Security tried to enter a Kennewick residence.  The occupant of the home did not allow entry to the gentlemen, since they didn't have any ADT signage on their cars or outfits.  The pair said they would return, but have not.  ADT Security was contacted, and they weren't aware of any workers in the area.

The 2nd possible scam involves job postings on Craigs List.  Two people looking for work answered a posting for a construction job at Steel Contractors of America.  The two subjects were asked to prepay for their training, at $181.95 per person.  Both subjects did this, giving the suspect the payment over the phone with a prepaid green dot card.  The subjects showed up for the training, and no one at the location was expected them, or knew why they were there.  The subjects tried to call the suspect to confirm the information, but the suspect hung up and hasn't answered the phone again.

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