Kennewick Wine Village project under snow delay

Some of the top wine makers in the state of Washington are heading to Kennewick, but the winter weather condition may impact the time of their arrival.

The vision for the vibrant riverfront Wine Village in Kennewick that’s been in the works for a decade or so was finally underway until the Tri-Cities got hit with record snow, causing a pretty significant delay.

"I can't give you a new anticipated date because I don't know how much more mother nature is going to throw at us," CEO of The Port of Kennewick, Tana Inglima said.

However, things don’t always go as planned when dealing with the harsh elements of nature.

"As you can see behind me the construction has stalled because of the winter weather conditions that we're having," Inglima said.

With triple the amount of snow hitting the Tri-Cities as compared to previous seasons, this year the highly-anticipated wine village project completion is delayed until further notice.

"if everything had been going according to the initial schedule we were hoping that they would be done in the summer," Inglima added.

Mother nature still throwing a wrench in their plans.

"But that doesn't mean construction has stopped," Inglima continued.

Even though the main site looks like a frozen effort, crews are still working offsite to get ahead of the new snow schedule.

"They're working on building trusses, they are also building a fabrication heating air conditioning ventilation systems," Inglima said.

Phase one of the project is to complete three buildings for two of the top winemakers in Washington.

Palencia out of Walla Walla, and Bartholomew winery out of Seattle.

However, phase two is expected to hold even more potential.

"Winery tasting rooms, or even production wineries, or breweries, or artist spaces, possibly restaurants," Inglima continued.

Luckily every construction project has some time flexibility built into it, but until the temperatures are consistently above freezing crews won't be able to finish the foundation, sparking some concern for expected wine tenants.

Nevertheless, for now only one thing is certain.

"We don't know yet what mother nature has in store for us," Inglima concluded.

As soon as mother nature cooperates, the Port of Kennewick will have a much better idea of a new estimated time of completion.

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