Kennewick's First Distillery

Kennewick's first distillery, Sands River, just opened in the heart of downtown Kennewick.

Appropriately enough the vodka and gin is called Kennewick Vodka and Kennewick Gin.

Kennewick vodka and gin is 90 proof and 100% local.

"The label has an identical picture of the cable bridge on it and that's how we branded it we wanted to brand it so people know this is where we are," said Paul Schiro the owner of River Sands Distillery has lived in Kenneiwck for 14 years.

Schiro was in the restaurant business for 42 years before deciding to start his own distillery.

Sales manager Jill Colee said that a few local restaurants have asked if their managers or bar tenders can come and learn more about the distilling process.

So far ten local restaurants have started carrying Kennewick Vodka and Gin.

Bonefish even created a new drink with Kennewick Vodka called the Kennewick cosmo.

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