Ki-Be Students Fill Windows With Positive Post-Its

Imagine if your school had its superintendent resign without notice, a classmate arrested for creating a hit list, a coach request a restraining order against the school board president and your principal suddenly put on administrative leave without any reason given.

Thats been the true life story for Kiona Benton School District over the past several weeks and now the students are saying enough with the negativity.

Sophomore Tristan Renz, came up with the idea to post positive messages about Ki-Be on the windows in the common area.

He wanted to remind the community that the students are united.

He and his friends bought 1,500 sticky notes and sent out a facebook message saying they would be handing them out during lunch if students wanted to write something positive about Ki-Be and post it on the window.

Before the forty minute lunch period was over two windows were filled with encouraging words about Ki-Be and the Benton City community as a whole.

Renz said he wanted to make this public statement to show that school is still going on in Benton City and the community loves Ki-Be, despite all the recent negative attention.

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