Ki-Be Students Protest For The Second Day

Students at Ki-Be high school protested today in front of the school for the second day in a row.

Students said they no longer have a voice at the school and that they are not happy with some of the personnel moves made by the district

Tristan Renz, the organizer of the protest, said about 200 students marched over to the district office yesterday demanding to speak with superintendent Wade Haun.

Renz said Haun told the students he would organize a closesd meeting with three students and their parents on Friday.

Renz and some of his classmates said they aren't satisfied with that answer and want a public forum for their voices to be heard.

Ki-Be student Tegan Carlson said she didn't protest yesterday but was out there today because she didn't like the school boards response to her peers.

"If you want to tell me to go back to class I'll come out here if you want to keep my mouth shut for you won't answer any of my questions were to make you into that we're to come out in force you," said Haun.

When asked why he didn't grant student's request for a public forum Haun said  he invited the students to the next board meeting, and then that he had to go.

We wondered if the kids were cutting classes to protest. We've been told that if a student's parents call the school then any absence from school is excused.

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