Ki-Be Students Protest: They've Had Enough

Dozens of students lined the streets in front of Ki-Be high school this morning for an impromptu protest after a school board meeting last night.

The school board decided to do away with the position of a high school athletic director and move girls wresting coach Holly Graham from the high school to the middle school.

Students said they feel that they no longer have a voice at Ki-Be high school.

They say they are tired of the school board making decisions based on personal beliefs without including the students or the community.

Girls wrestling coach and parent Holly Graham filed for a restraining order against school board president Tim Cook following a wrestling match in February where Cook allegedly became aggressive towards her.

Graham filed the wrong paperwork in the case so the restraining order was denied.

Last week Graham got a call letting her know she would be reassigned to the middle school and the coach from middle school would move to high school.

"I personally talked to the middle school coach she said she has absolutely no interest to go to the high school. She's doing middle school because she can go Tuesday and Thursday and she doesn't want to be there for 10 hour days on Saturday, and I don't blame her. Neither one of us want each others job but if I go to the middle school she's going to be fired, if I don't go to the middle school I'm going to be fired," said Graham.

Graham said during the school board meeting last night many of her athletes came to plea for the school board to change their minds and had a petition with about 200 signatures.

"They wouldn't even take it they wouldn't even discuss it at least pretend to have a vote show these kids you are listening to them and they didn't, they said no business that's it this is the way it is," siad Graham.

Graham said she feels like the atmosphere at Ki-Be is out of control.

"I think that anyone that bucks them is reassigned loses their job or they even loose their job title, I mean how do you have a school without an AD," said Graham.

She said she thinks if she hadn't complained about a school board member she would still have her position.

"I feel if I hadn't taken a stance this would be a different situation."

Triston Renz, the student who arranged the meeting, said the students are prepared to picket for as many days as it takes until they get what they are looking for.

"We want the school board members to resign, that's our goal and we will be out here until we get results," said Renz.

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