Last Structure That Once Held a Test Reactor Set To Be Demolished

The structure that once held the last test reactor in Hanford's 300 area is set to be demolished on Saturday.

One thousand pounds of explosives will be used to weaken the underground concrete structure.

This structure held the largest of six test reactors

That reactor was removed from the structure and 300 area back in january.

For 60 years the 300 area was the center of Hanfords research and fuel fabrication.

This is the sixth and final test reactor structure to be demolished, leaving the 300 area looking completely different than it did 50 years ago.

"This is incredible here, what happened in the 300 area," said Cameron Hardy from the Department of Energy. "The 300 area had hudreds of buildings, 180 large facilities and many more small facilities and what we have left is about four facilities."

The project manager said people near the 300 area should expect to hear a thud around 7 a.m. on Saturday.

They are putting a tarp over the top of the structure so visually the explosion won't be much to see.

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