Legends Casino Begins Expansion Project

Legends Casino in Toppenish begins construction on a two-year expansion project.

The $90 million expansion includes expanding the casino into a nearby parking lot with more game and food options.

A 200-room hotel will also be built next to the casino to accomodate guests.

The project will also open up 200 more jobs, which will be a 33% increase in the casino's total employment.

Casino representatives also say it will hopefully attract more customers.

"We really want to move into new markets and help the Yakama community, the economy, the tourism here and really be a gaming destination resort," said Assistant General Manager Kristin Lumley, "We'll be able to cater to both our local loyal guests we get every day, but also branch out and bring some visitors to our area."

Construction on Legends is expected to wrap up at the end of 2016.

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