Light Project Gallery Open to Public

The Seasons Performance Hall is the home for the new Yakima Light Project Gallery.

It features over 30 works of art created by local artists around the area.

The project took over 7 years to coordinate; gathering the art, finding a venue, and garnering enough support.

Coordinators say the name "Light Project" was inspired by Yakima's 300 days of sunshine.

"The light is something that can be expressed by everyone," said Larson Gallery director David Lynx, "It's a multicultural theme, there's lots of things that could be under that theme of light."

"Right now we have two galleries in Yakima, the Larson Gallery, and now the Yakima Light Project," said project director Laurie Kanyer, "What this does is it gives us an opportunity as artists to have more places to show our work."

Following this weekend's grand opening, the light gallery will be open Thursday and Friday from noon to 6p.m., and on Saturday from noon to 4p.m.

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