Lissette's Story: The 4-Year-Old Beating All The Odds

A local 4-year-old girl with down syndrome was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

While fighting her battle against cancer Lissette Huerta contracted a very rare infection.

"She's a bundle of joy, she's just so great, she's smart she knows sign language, english, spanish and she's just a busy bee," said Lissette's grandmother Rachel Ortiz.

Lissette was diagonised with leukemia in late June.

Just a few weeks into chemo Lissette developed a deadly infection that is eating away at her body.

Two weeks ago Lissette's family was told she only had a few more hours to live.

Ortiz said the family was making funeral arrangements when all of the sudden Lissette woke up and asked her mom for some chicken and milk.

"All around the world we had people praying for her and she just made a turn," she siad.

Doctors can't explain how Lissette is still here.

All of the MRI's show that she still has the infection.

"For them she's brain-dead, she shouldn't even be alive," Ortiz said. "Lissette has turned around and telling them that they're liars because she's doing something different."

Lissette's aunt, Sindy Ediger, credits Lissette's 10 year old brother Edward for waking her up that day.

"He said you can't leave me I'm your older brother and I'm here to protect you," she siad.

Lissette's parents dropped everything once she got sick and haven't left her bedside since.

They have had to rely on family and friends to take care of their apartment in Kennewick and bring them basic items like shampoo and clean clothes.

"For three weeks we were over there without coming back, changing from one motel to the other, sleeping in the car is at the hospital but we are all there for her," said Ortiz.

Seeing how hard Lissette was fighting her family wasn't about to give up either.

Sindy and family friend Monique Marron started organizing a taco feed.

They said within one week enough food has been donated to feed 500 people.

Every penny they make is going straight to Lissette and her family.

Sindy said Lisette's aunts, cousins and grandmothers will be cooking all of the food from scratch and it won't disappoint.

Doctors and nurses at Seattle Children's Hospital are calling Lissette the "wonder baby".

They can't explain how she is beating all of the odds, but Lissettes grandmother said she's not surprised.

"I knew she would do something like that, Lissette is wonderful she's a fighter."

The taco feed for Lissette is Saturday, August 2nd at 11 a.m. at Gateway Foursquare Church in Kennewick.

Along with tacos there will be a silent auction,  bounce house, face painting, snow cones and dessert table.

To follow Lissette's progrees and learn more about the taco feed click here.

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