Living The Rodeo Life Day In And Day Out

A lot of people enjoy going to the rodeo every year while it is in town, but for some people it is more than once a year it is their life.

Les shepperson has been competing in the steel wrestling rodeo event for 8 years now.

"I'll probably end up going to 70 in the winter, we start south in Texax then in the spring we are in California and in the summertime we hit the northern states and in the fall were out here in the northwest for most of it," said Les.

In 2012 he won the National Finals Rodeo, and it's winning those big titles that keep him coming back to compete.

"It's fun while you're doing it but if you don't love it you might as well quit because it's too much stress not being at home it's something you really want to do or you don't," said Les.

He calls Wyoming home but says he only spend about a month and a half out of the year there.

His wife Holly Shepperson said she has gotten use to  drives and staying in the living area of their horse trailer.

She said it's a lifestyle comes with its ups and down.

"Everyone loves the rodeo and we get to be right in the middle of it it's our life that we live it every day and I think it can be harder than most people see on the outside but it's worth it when you win," said Holly.

Les said sometimes people dont realize how much of a business the rodeo is.

"This is how we make a living so you have to treat it like a business you trying to everything you can to win as much money as possible," he said.

The Benton- Franklin rodeo has a special mark on Les and Holly's map because the couple has family that lives in the area, but Les said we should also expect to see some good rodeo competition.

"It's one of the bigger ones in the northwest, it's not huge but it's one of the bigger rodeo top guys will be here," he said.

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