Local Audiologist Travels to Africa To Give People The Gift Of Sound

A local audiologist is taking a journey to Africa next week to give people in Rwanda and Kenya the gift of sound.

Dr. Aiello is going to be fitting people young and old with hearing aids.

This is his second time going on a trip with the Starkey foundation. a hearing aid company's foundation that is committed to providing people around the world with the gift of hearing.

Last year Dr. Aiello and seven other doctors from across the united states spent four days in guadalajara fitting more than two thousand people with hearing aids.

"People drove for 13 hours to get to a mission and then they would sit for 8 hours with ear molds in their ears patiently waiting to be seen," said Dr. Aiello.

Dr. Aiello said his group treats people of all ages but usually tries to get to the kids first.

"We'll go into towns and if there's a deaf school we'll find out that many of the kids aren't truly deaf they are just hard of hearing. So when we find out that the child is not deaf then we are able to place hearing aids on the child and help them develop speech," said Aiello.

Before the doctors arrive a mission team from the foundation takes impressions for the hearing aids, then it's up to the doctors to fit them.

"We make sure the ear molds fit properly we test then to see which hearing aid might work best for them. Then they move to another portion of the team that trains them on how to care for the hearing aids, provides them with batteries and then sets them up with a repeat exam a year from that," said Aiello.

Dr. Aiello said helping people around the world who wouldn't otherwise be able to get this kids of treatment is indescriable.

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