Local Man Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Grape Throw

A Kennewick man breaks a Guinness world record for something we've all tried to do, only he does it a lot better than any of us could.

WSU junior AJ Henderson said after deciding not to play sports in college he was looking for something to fill that void.

He said he told his friend he wanted to break a Guinness world record and started scrolling through the internet. What he found was a chance to break the record for the longest distance that anyone has ever thrown a grape up in the air and then caught it in their mouth.

Henderson said he played baseball and football in high school so the longest grape throw seemed like it fit his skill set well.

Having a Guinness world record isn't official unless there is a judge there.

Henderson had to go on tru-tv to make it official.

The world record was 68.1 feet.

Henderson threw and caught it 69.6 feet.

Henderson said he recieved a plaque from Guinness that he has hanging on his wall at WSU.

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