Final testing on WTP project gets underway

The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of River Protection and Bechtel National kicked off the final stage of testing intended to resolve one of the remaining technical issues at the WTP Project.

WTP personnel have begun the final phase to safely mix radioactive waste in vessels at the WTP Pretreatment Facility. The vessels will store and process liquid radioactive waste before it is vitrified in other WTP facilities.

The 65-ton full-scale vessel being used in the current tests is 16 feet in diameter and 36 feet high. It will weigh 310 tons when filled with liquid and simulated waste used to mimic the characteristics of the radioactive waste stored at the Hanford tank farms.

This is the third and final phase of vessel testing and is expected to take less than a year to complete. Results of this testing will be used to inform final design of the vessels intended to be installed in the Pretreatment Facility.

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