Hanford cheerleaders excel on and off the mat

Three members of the Hanford cheerleading squad were selected for the 25 man roster All-State cheerleading team in Washington, an honor for Hanford head coach Kim Mayer.

Mayer says, “Because they are very talented they can jump, they can tumble, they can cheer, they can dance so they're the whole package."

After 20 years of coaching, Mayer says that Brie, Michelle, and Jasmine excel on and off the cheer matt.

"They have very high grade point averages two of them have four-point o’s and just skills, leadership.” Mayer continued.

For flyer, Jasmine rice, her coach's nomination to compete in the state competition was unexpected.

"I was really surprised because I definitely didn't think I would like be a part of it so it was really cool getting a chance to experience," said Rice.

Jasmine and her two teammates trained vigorously for the competition, showing up two hours early to practice and staying 2 hours late, the effort paying off in the best way.

 "I'm not really a confident person but this has really helped me with my personality and break out of my shell," sophomore Hanford Cheerleader Michelle Ni said.

And for junior Brie Buchanan she says that her team is a stepping stone to the top level of cheer.

"I just want to let any other cheerleader know that it’s a great experience and you should tryout next year if you can," said Buchanan.

The Hanford Cheerleading Team will compete again Saturday at Pasco High School.

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