Informational Briefings Held Today for Recent Vapor Events at Hanford

Informational briefings were held today with Washington River Production Solutions (WRPS) and Mission Support Alliance (MSA) employees to review recent vapor events in or near the Hanford tank farms, new actions taken to deal with known vapor sources and other planned or potential actions to further reduce worker exposure to chemical vapors.

In a statement released by John Britton, WRPS External Affairs, it was announced that work will resume in the A Farm Complex with employees entering those areas required to wear respiratory gear while further evaluation of the farms continue. Workers in those farms will be involved in determining other follow-up actions, including how long the requirement for respiratory gear might continue.

Since March 19, 26 WRPS or Hanford employees/subcontractors have been sent for medical evaluations after either reporting a concern or unusual odors and/or experiencing potential vapors-related symptoms in or near the Hanford tank farms. A non-WRPS employee today requested and received a medical evaluation related to an earlier vapor incident. The worker was released and returned to work.

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