Three more Hanford workers report suspicious odors

Three tank farm workers at Hanford reported suspicious odors on Thursday.

That makes a total of 12 workers who have raised concerns due to odors at the nuclear site just this year. Chemical vapors from waste stored underground is the suspected root of the stench.

On Wednesday, nine other workers said they detected potentially harmful odors. They said the odors smelled like sulfur, onion and rotten eggs.

Hanford stores tens of millions of gallons of nuclear waste stored in underground tanks.

Supplied air respirators are required within the fenced area of Hanford’s tank farm. Both reports say workers were outside of the fenced area at the time of the incidents.

Workers were performing calibrations on the tank farm’s continuous air monitoring system on Thursday. They remained outside the actual tank farm.

On Wednesday, workers were roughly 200 yards from the fence line.

In both cases, the workers were instructed to leave the area immediately, reports said.

Access to the area has been restricted until air quality tests are performed.

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