Workers checked, released following chemical vapors exposure near Hanford tank farm

Six workers from Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) were checked and later released today following chemical vapors exposure while working in the 200-West Area near the SY Tank Farm.

Late this morning, the workers were sent to the Hanford Site medical provider for evaluation after experiencing chemical vapors-related symptoms.  All six were released to return to work, according to a press release sent by John C. Britton, WRPS External Affairs.

The six workers were not in one of Hanford’s tank farms. They were working in the 200-West Area near the SY Tank Farm when they smelled a chemical odor. The workers reported throat and nasal irritation and headaches. As a precaution, WRPS management requested the workers receive a medical evaluation.

Air samples collected by industrial hygiene technicians are being analyzed. Further efforts will be made to determine the potential source of the vapors.

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