Lower Valley

Expanding Sunnyside

Sunnyside wants the people who live there to feel like their community is on the way up.

City officials and locals tour the town, holding official ribbon cutting and groundbreaking ceremonies.

Carol Mercer was in attendance and was amazed at the new additions to the city.

"It's really marvelous, said Mercer, "Sunnyside is growing, and it's a beautiful town, a marvelous place to live."

Those additions include a brand new YV-Tech branch campus, a $6 million project that will serve 17 different school districts, a newly expanded and renovated fire station, and additional expansions to the high school.

City officials also broke ground today on new projects for the year, including a $7 million project at the Port of Sunnyside, the port will double the size of it's batch reactors, which help treat industrial wastewater.

The hospital also announced it will be adding radiology techonology and services to its campus, adding better and more available healthcare for residents across the Lower Valley.

"I feel that we are on top of many of the other cities," said Mercer, "We're growing, we're helping each other, and I think we're cooperating with the cities up and down the valley as well."

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