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Two Young Men Rescued from Yakima River

Two young men are rescued from the Yakima River yesterday afternoon by the Yakima County Sheriff's Department.

Around 4 PM, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a suspicious circumstances call. The information given was that two juvenile males were on logs in the Yakima River calling for help.

Deputies from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office and Officers from City of Zillah Police Department responded to the area. A Sheriff’s deputy located the two males on a log debris pile at the base of one of the bridge supports of the Meyers Rd. Bridge. The patrol deputy, who is also assigned to the Sheriff’s Boating Enforcement Unit was able to obtain equipment and then entered the water delivering personal floatation devices to the individuals. He then used ropes to pull the two individuals to safety.

The two, twenty year old males, neither of which could swim had been trying to cool off by wading in the water. They encountered some deep water and became frightened and took refuge on the debris pile.

This incident is another reminder of the dangers that can be encountered in the waters throughout Yakima County. People need to remember that these waters are swift moving and have numerous hidden deep holes that can surprise an unaware swimmer. The water temperature also can place people in danger of hypothermia which can impair their ability to maneuver and get out of the water. If you know that you cannot swim then you definitely stay out of the rivers and ponds. We highly recommend the use of a personal floatation device when playing or being around the water.

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